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June 9, 2013
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Fate Loves the Fearless by Following-The-Rabbit Fate Loves the Fearless by Following-The-Rabbit
EDIT: Since I never finished the Reference Sheet ( for this guy, I am just going to use this as his unofficial bio and ref picture.

Gender: M
Eye color: pink (right), the other is an empty socket
Hair color: green, messy, and neck length.
Skin color: Caucasian
Occupation: writer of fate
Personality and bio: Planner and writer of fate. He hardly ever leaves his sub universe (area in which he drafts and writes fate) in the overworld, since he spends his days writing out fate and most of his extra time delivering his orders to the moderator as to how each day will function. He himself has been updated since the beginning of time, and has developed a very apathetic attitude. He tends to become incredibly anxious if he leaves his sub-universe, and hardly ever speaks, so most of the betas haven't even met him. Despite his apathy towards the human race, he does enjoy many of their inventions and technologies, even some of the more harmful ones (he can't die, so he doesn't care); namely tobacco. He is hardly ever seen without a cigarette, or smoke coming out of his mask. He especially enjoys flavored cigarettes. In addition to this, he seasons his food with cyanide, arsenic, and other poisons, spikes his beverages with acids, and injects himself with harmful venoms to stay awake, or certain chemicals to relax. All of this leaves him physically unaffected, but comments and sarcastic about supposed internal problems still exist (Ex: he probably bleeds battery acid, his stomach acid is as thick as tar, etc). Among the harmful substances, he also enjoys candies, complex knick-knacks, puzzles, music boxes, clocks, and simple toys like tops, magnets, and plastic animals. Underneath his stoic nature and cold shell, he's almost child-like; easily fascinated/entertained and feels deep remorse for everything he's caused... Albeit its hidden well.
He shares an eye and an ear with the moderator, so he can monitor xir activity. He shouldn't sleep, so he wears headphones that send electric shocks through his skull periodically; this keeps him awake. This is effective, and he hasn't experienced a dream since his creation.
He was specifically created for his purpose, and his attitude towards his position has changed over time. Initially, adventurous, and excitable when it came to his work. Then, taking it more seriously, with strict observation of mortals, and organizing everything like a grand performance. Then, Sadistic, cruel, and enjoying every minute of pain inflicted upon people. Now, he's apathetic towards what he does, and functions like a machine, still, he's innocent in the sense that he still doesn't fully know the impact of his actions, although he is sorry for them. Each phase of his personality and appearance is associated with a different time frame, and they vary in length. The first is the dawn of intelligence, up til maybe the birth of Christ. Second was the birth of Christ, up until maybe the Victorian era. Victorian era to the end of WW2 was the third phase. Cold war to the present is his current stage.
I.e. He's not god. He's a corruptible tool created by a higher power to eventually develop a perfect world.

Oh, heeeeeeey, I actually made a digital painting of one of my characters for once!
I accidentally gave him control over the universe, though. Oops.

This is for the Gods and Goddesses challange down at :iconoc-challenge:
The goal of the contest is to draw one of your OCs as a god or goddess of your creation. Here's the link to the contest:…

Initially, I was going to go with one of my witch charaters, and make them the goddess of whatever magic they control. That was all well and good in my mind, but I couldn't think of any poses, or backgrounds for that matter. From there, I wanted to draw one of my characters for my dumb little story Binary, but who? I toyed with many ideas, like making Charlotte the Goddess of memories, Ellie the Goddess of Weapons, Gear the Machinist God, Moderator the God/goddess of travel, etc.
In the end, I went with the Admin, who I guess is kind of like a god to begin with. This seemed simple enough. He's a writer of fate, so, "herp derp, let's draw him as the god of fate!"

So, what is fate?
The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.
Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way: "it was fated to end badly".

If you believe in fate, it's essentially the driving force behind the entire universe. So, I wanted to draw the admin as an omnipotent being, toying with the universe i.e. being in control of it. Looks like he's having the most fun with Earth, though. There is more to play with there, after all.

"Fate will find a way" is a quote from Virgil. I threw it in there because A, it fit. Durr. B, a big white space didn't go well there below a giant expanse of stars and planets. Speaking of the planets, they took forever. Like, and hour or so to finish them all. Ugggh. They were fun, though. I can't believe I used to hate backgrounds. I have the most fun doing them in all of my pictures lately. I just really enjoy adding all the little details. I guess it just helps that I do the background before anything else.

As well as the planets you see, I also included Pluto; It's a little purple dot behind Neptune. The zodiac constellations are hidden, too. why not try to find them?

Meh, my foot is sore from sitting on it. I'm off to bed, bros. But, hey, why not drop by :#oc-challenge:, and enter that contest, eh? Only a few days left!</sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>
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this is so pretty! :)

I love how the bottom is just a drop of liquid. It balances out a really detailed part above, and the words at the bottom just ties everything together.

Weeee looking forward to seeing your other stuff :D
Following-The-Rabbit Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank yo so much! qq
no problem, it's just really pretty ^_^
Following-The-Rabbit Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you:heart:
TouchedVenus Jun 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Congratulations on your honorable mention in :iconoc-challenge:'s Gods and Goddesses contest! This deviation has been featured HERE.

Have a great day! :aww:
Following-The-Rabbit Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! I hope you have a splendid day as well! :hug:
TouchedVenus Jun 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are quite welcome! Thank you. :D
animegirlcorycian Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i like it. Very pretty, and there's not even a mess!
Following-The-Rabbit Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :la:
Lita302 Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is so cool. the space background is amazing!

I see you've un-demoted pluto XD
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